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Resolver 1.0.9 – Bug Hunters Edition Release

I am happy to announce of a special release of Resolver version 1.0.9 “Bug Hunters Edition” If you want to know what Resolver is you can read about it Here. What is new and why its called the “Bug Hunters Edition” ? Well…When participating in a bug bounty programs you may want to find  as […]

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I needed a simple tool that can preform a reverse dns lookup for a given IP address or for a range of IP’s in order to find its PTR. Usually I use Linux which has several tools for querying DNS, One of my favourite tools is the “host” command which can be used for this task: root@bt”>root@bt:~# host […]

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N@T Shell

A while back I needed a way to make metasploit’s meterpreter persistent or to be able to remotely execute it whenever needed. I decided to try and create a tool for doing that using Visual Basic Let me first say that i am not a programmer, I have very basic programming skills (some code snippets […]

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