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Python HTTP Shell – PyHttpShell

PyHttpShell is a shell written in python and php, traffic is over http protocol using a server in the middle.

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Metasploit Java Meterpreter Payload

If you haven’t noticed the Metasploit Framework has a JAVA meterpreter payload for some time now It supports all the commands supported by the PHP meterpreter, as of SVN revision 9777, and additionally the ipconfig, route, and screenshot commands. It is not fully implemented into the framework yet and in order to get it up and […]

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Recently i noticed that is down was a security and hacking related website which contained a large archive of python (and other scripting languages)   scripts,exploit and tutorials. It was a great resource for learning and getting custom made tools For those of you who didn’t got the chance to download its content I […]

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BLOG Updates and WordPress fingerprinting tool

I got a request from visitors to be able to get posts via e-mail, Now you can subscribe to your category of intrest and get updates whenever a new post is published. I also decided to start a “pick of the week” or “tool of the week” postings where each week i’ll post tools and […]

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Client side attacks using evil JAVA applets

About a year ago I stumbled upon a Facebook clone phishing site which contained an evil Java applet, At the time SET wasn’t introduced yet and only few articles disscussing this attack vector were published (Another applet creation process was published by Jabra and described later on the Offensive Security “Metasploit Unleashed” Online course). No source code was released […]

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Manual Egghunter/Shellcode Encoding using Python

You are probably wondering what this post is all about, well….it’s about manually encoding egghunter shellcode why would you want to manually encode the shellcode if you have built in encoders in the metasploit framework ? Before we begin have a look at the following exploit by muts : HP OpenView NNM 7.5.1 OVAS.exe SEH […]

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