Windows 7 Fake Access Point With Alfa AWUS036H

In my previous post I discussed how to Setup a Fake Access Point with Backtrack Linux 

Although I love Backtrack Linux one of the tools I really miss is Cain & Able, I thought some of you will want to setup a Fake AP when Pentesting on Windows systems as well.

So, here it goes…

I am using an Alfa AWUS036H wlan usb adapter, This adapter works great under Backtrack and Windows systems, It is also fully supported with the Air-crack ng tool suit.

In order to use this adapter under Windows systems you will need  to download it’s driver 

After installing the driver you will find that the Alfa wireless LAN utility was also installed on your system.


This utility has a nice feature which enables you to specify the mode of operation

the two modes available are “Station Mode” and “Access Point Mode”

In order to use the AP mode you will need a second LAN/WLAN Adapter which will be connected to the internet, The utility will switch to AP mode and will enable “Internet Connection Sharing”

Now all is left is to configure your AP SSID and Channel number


That’s it you have a Working Access point!

You can see connected clients in the utility “General” tab:

Now we fire up “Cain” choose the Alfa interface and start the sniffer


In order to capture SSL traffic you will need to enable “APR”



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