Resolver 1.0.9 – Bug Hunters Edition Release

I am happy to announce of a special release of Resolver version 1.0.9 “Bug Hunters Edition”

If you want to know what Resolver is you can read about it Here.

What is new and why its called the “Bug Hunters Edition” ?

Well…When participating in a bug bounty programs you may want to find  as much  domains and sub domains of the company as you can, but not just any sub domain, preferably those which are web servers hosting a web app.

When preforming sub domains brute force you may end up with a long list of sub domains, now you will need to start and probe each result to test if it is a web server or not, In addition to the previous version of Resolver capabilities I added specially for this task Auto check for HTTP/HTTPS for every sub domain found  And Bing ip search in order to find which domains (sites) are hosted on a single ip address , all results can be exported to a text file in a grepable format.

* Please notice, you will need to register with Microsoft to obtain a bing api key in order to use the bing ip search feature

With these new features Resolver can be pretty useful tool for you hunters out there and save a lot of time in the quest for searching new places to explore.




The new version can be downloaded from source forge:

Happy Hunting :)


If you find this tool useful crypto currency donations are welcome:

Bitcoin: 1Kksc9b4WZ5X36xGDgpodPVpBSozMje6ui
Litecoin: LQ1JCMxo122FpJ8iKX7HsrNtjCacpTkkFW

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