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Recently i noticed that darkc0de.com is down

darkc0de.com was a security and hacking related website which contained a large archive of python (and other scripting languages)   scripts,exploit and tutorials.

It was a great resource for learning and getting custom made tools

For those of you who didn’t got the chance to download its content I attached most of the tools in a single 150 megs tar.gz file.

the file includes the following  site sections:

bruteforce, c0de,  cheatsheets,  encryption,  exploits,  ircbots,  misc,  others,  scanners and  tutorials

Get it at Here:


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  1. alutsista
    Jul 13, 2010

    This is a cool site !

  2. jonathan59
    Jul 14, 2010


  3. critter
    Jul 14, 2010

    ugh, you must be a contributor to view this link? :(

  4. NightRanger
    Jul 14, 2010

    no need to contribute anything just register to the blog as a user…

  5. soltys
    Jul 14, 2010

    I’ve got the same problem as critter mentioned. Logging in didn’t help…

  6. NightRanger
    Jul 14, 2010

    Thanks, It’s been fixed (I hope)

    Removed the need to register for this file

    If there is any problem please let know…

  7. critter
    Jul 14, 2010

    Thanks, the link works now. Unfortunately Megaupload says “The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable.”, so still no cigar :(

  8. NightRanger
    Jul 14, 2010

    I got the same error message, seems like a problem at megaupload but it seems the file is back and the link is working.

    if you are still experiencing problems i’ll try uploading it somewhere else…

  9. critter
    Jul 14, 2010

    Indeed, the file is back, downloading…

    Thanks again :)

  10. thebug
    Jul 16, 2010

    thank you!

  11. pieface
    Jul 28, 2010

    thank you

  12. darkcoolator
    Jul 30, 2010

    you are the best guys

  13. andu
    Aug 03, 2010

    does anyone knows what happened with darc0de.com.

  14. arief
    Aug 26, 2010

    could you share it at easier site like 4shared or mediafire??

    i have problem to download from both site since i don’t have premium access…

    i hope you could…thanks

  15. NightRanger
    Aug 26, 2010

    I already tried uploading to 4shared but they denied access to the file saying it contains a virus…

    i’ll try to upload it to media fire and will post a link later today.

  16. gdfg
    Aug 27, 2010

    thanks, that was a great site

  17. Jacky
    Oct 29, 2010

    Man you rockz !!!!
    Keep up the good work .
    Hats off sir !

  18. Inflame
    Feb 16, 2011

    Thank you very much!

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