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Patching and Compiling Cowpatty UBUNTU 10.04

I was playing around with some wireless attack tools today, Mostly with cuda based tools such as pyrit. I wanted to check my new Core i7 PC and GPU cracking capabilities and speed on my UBUNTU 10.04 64bit OS. Pyrit supports WPA cracking with Cowpatty, At first i decided to do some benchmarking for different […]

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Metasploit Java Meterpreter Payload

If you haven’t noticed the Metasploit Framework has a JAVA meterpreter payload for some time now It supports all the commands supported by the PHP meterpreter, as of SVN revision 9777, and additionally the ipconfig, route, and screenshot commands. It is not fully implemented into the framework yet and in order┬áto get it up and […]

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